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My closet is the gateway to my other sites. Click on one of the items on the shelves and with the magic of html you will be wafted to that site. Each site will open in a new window and you will return here when you close the page.

With my new domain and web site I will expand my travel pages as I had been planning for some time. This page will direct you to all of my pages, the genealogy on freepages, the garden, writing pages and my travel pages here. I've also rescued a couple of other pages, Online Forums (accessible from the computer on the shelf)and My Family Messages, a few pages of greetings to my cousins on various occasions. Just click on the phone to look.

I've been working on the site since, I believe, mid-2002. I will check to see if I can figure out the actual time by looking at some of my older pages. I started web building when I wanted to develop a genealogy site to share my family history and to see if I could find other people in my family. This was March 18, 2000 and it was quite a scary experience. But with the help of a great mailing list and I guess more patience than I ever thought I could have, the site was developed and enjoyed. In 2002, Ancestry.com took over the Freepages/Rootsweb server and no longer allowed anything but genealogy related pages there. I think that was the right thing to do. Well, that is how I arrived here with my own domain and all these totally unrelated pages.

Anyway, it has been a great experience and I only now realize how much more I have to learn. I'm taking courses online and it has been a wonderful experience both from the learning experience but also from the great people with whom I've come in contact. You can link to my online classes page from the books on the closet shelf. All the class locations can be accessed from there. In conjunction with this studying and my new addiction to Paint Shop Pro I am a member of a couple of PSP forums board where I've developed friendships and skills over the past several years. A absolutely wonderful surprise came to me when at The Place I won their "Artist of the Month Award" for the month of April 2005. I also won in September. This provoked me to develop a page to display this and other things of which I am proud. This and other awards and certificats is accessible from the second icon from the right below the closet. I ran out of items on the shelves.

Other pages can be accessed by clicking on the icons beneath the closet. From left to right are my Acting experiences, Winnis Lessons, My Sharing Page, and the last is my Deviant Art site where current art and photography is displayed.

Here is a news feed that I picked up to try.

Holly Klass

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